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Mindful Education

Grounded in the latest research in psychology and mindfulness... Integrated art and wellbeing classes for small groups of children age 5-12 years olds. I offer a range of online lessons and courses for children aged 5-12 years old. These classes and courses are great for kids to do at home, with their friends, or even in their classrooms.

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"Kate has a knack for making children feel heard and seen for exactly who they are - an extraordinary gift, especially during a time in their lives when 'fitting in' plays such an enormous role in their social experience."


"Not only has Kate taught me how to be creative, she has taught
me how to use 
art to be mindful - to be in the moment."


"Kate helped our son find success and made him feel successful. Kate inspired him, nurtured him and helped him find his thing in the world."


& Tom

Photography by Hayley Bray

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