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Welcome to Kate Berry Studio

Kate Berry Logo

Welcome to my new website and new brand - Kate Berry.

After closing my former company, SketchBetter, in March 2020, I decided to take a sabbatical to focus on my health, and to be a support to one of my closest friends April, who passed away in February 2022. This all coincided with COVID-19 and the UK lockdowns, which after years of studying, teaching and running a business, gave me the chance to re-engage with my own art practice.

In 2021, my husband and I decided to move away from London. It's been quite the journey, but throughout it all I've been creating artwork and I am excited to be able to launch the new studio with a number of collections at the ready. I'm excited by this new body of work, which I feel carves out a range of new styles, products and approaches to my professional art practice.

I will be launching the brand and new work at Mentmore Art Festival in May, alongside my father Alan Andrews. Mentmore Art Festival is a local art event in the historic village in Buckinghamshire and in 2014 saw me first launch my work under the SketchBetter concept and brand. It also happens to be where I met my now husband. It's beautiful to be returning to this festival with a new name, husband, baby and business.

Kate Berry - Torn Abstract

Thank you to designer Nicholas Smart for creating the logotype.

Stay tuned for collection releases.


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