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An ongoing body of monochrome ink paintings, the Moons Collection offers a moment to pause with these beautiful and mystical natural satellites. With over thirty original Moon paintings created through 2021-2022, I am excited to release prints and postcards of this collection. Every Moon is different and unique, painted using water and black indian ink.

Winter DETAIL.jpg


A collection of acrylic paintings, exploring the quietness of winter closing with the promise of spring. As a summer born woman I wanted to find lightness in the darkness of winter.

Artist Kate Berry presents Winter - a collection of abstract acrylic paintings, inspired by the colours and textures of winter.


As paint covers my fingertips I feel

Spring hunting beauty and light outside

Snow covered trees whisper to misty skies.

Rain taps the windows in its daily greeting

as the wind passes by with urgency 

Gone has the darkness that weighs on my mind

As a slow change and a rebirth arises

I feel her within me.

Nature is changing

Deep inside the darkness

She shines, in whites and pinks and blues

Cold and warm together

She follows daily in hope of lighter days 

and brighter times

This winter is lifting and 

it's beauty astounds me.

In darkness and light.

The freshness of a new routine

The promise of a community and connection

It is comforting knowing we are never alone

in the wilderness.

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